UK Telecom Inbound

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UK Telecom Inbound

At Josoft Technologies, we serve our customers with top-notch inbound call center services and our proficiency has earned our global clientele. We follow a proven result oriented process with guaranteed value for money. And it's not just about money – our inbound BPO services have functioned as extensions of our customer companies and produced remarkable results.

Project Description As per the current "telecom deregulation act", BT being overloaded with customers and thus to maintain their service level delivery they have ventured into distribution of its customers to other organizations who with their own capabilities can render services to the BT customers. This Telco has ventured with BT and thus procured a part of its customers to render services.
Seats Required Minimum Seats Allotted 10 To 25 Seats
Payout GBP 6/Hour/Agent
Processes Transition - Customer Service Repair
1. Layer 1 and Layer 2 Troubleshooting
2. Router installation and configuration
3. Open Trouble tickets
4. Handle Kit Issues
5. Schedule Dispatches
6. Escalate with support departments
Processes Transition – TT Management
1. Transitioning of New and Assigned Ticket
2. Scheduling Dispatches
3. Follow up and Escalate TT
4. Test and Close Resolved TT
Key Deliverables
Provide Back end Tech support for Repair
1. Perform various test and support
2. Perform end to end testing on consumer Line
3. Handle provisioning issues post order closure
4. Perform Layer 1 and 2 Trouble shooting on
Turn Arround Time 8hrs x 30 days as of now; graduating towards 24/7 shift
Certifications Required
1. Required Documents with LOI: 1. Complete Company Profile along with strength of seats and Past experiences.
2. Detailed Technical Specification of Server and Setup.
3. Data Security provisions in the Company.
4. Dialler specification (Confirm whether you have the capability of 3 way conference, e-messaging, silent Calling message, CLI display, hosted or premises)
5. Bandwidth facilities (Internet Redundancy if any)
6. Power backup facilities available.
7. Certification(s) (if any)
8. License(s)
Payment Frequency 30 days
Training & Support Online
Advance Payment Advance Payment On Going Live
Other Features 18 months revised after 12 months based on performance

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