UK Personal Injury Leads

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UK Personal Injury Lead Generation

A Lead Generation Project provides immense potential of income for the passionate entrepreneurs. However, success in lead generation project requires consistent efforts to be put in with proper strategy and action plan.

Project Name UK Personal Injury Leads
Project Description We are still looking for quality Personal Injury Leads to be sent through to our UK on a hot key basis. We are looking for in excess of 250 new RTA Accident leads per week moving forward into July. We are only looking for long-term business partnerships with serious, trustworthy and reliable centers to help support our own operations, as our backers are looking to build the largest RTA Accident company in the UK over the next 12-18 Months.
Seats Required Minimum seats required is 10 to start
Payout £100.00 - £150.00 per valid inquiry
CRM Portal Provided
RTA Hotkey Leads
1. Did you have an accident in the past 2 ½ years which was not your fault? Yes Responses only
2. Did you go to a GP/ Hospital for treatment? Yes Responses only
3. Have you already signed any paperwork with a solicitor for a claim? No Responses only
4. Do you wish to claim for your injuries? Yes Responses only
5. Do you have Access to 3rd party details? Yes Responses only
6. Please confirm the accident was not a Hit & Run case and the other party was insured? Yes responses only
Calling Data Provide
Our Requirements
Operationally live centers.
Must have arrangements of database.
Leads must be exclusive.
Calling Leads Center should have their own leads if not we can help them on calling data
Consultation Fees INR 1.5 Lac (Rs. 1,50,000) at the time of Signup
Payment Method Weekly payment (through Bank Wire)
Qualification criteria Passes insurance check any lead not falling into the above criteria will be fully replaced free of charge. Maximum feedback within 72 hours.

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