UK Debt Settlement Lead

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UK Debt Settlement Lead Generation

A Lead Generation Project provides immense potential of income for the passionate entrepreneurs. However, success in lead generation project requires consistent efforts to be put in with proper strategy and action plan.

Project Name UK Debt Settlement
Project Description Lead Generation County to dial: US
Seats Required Minimum seats required is 10 to start
Payout £20 Payment Terms are Net Fourteen (14)
CRM Portal Leads Submission Client's portal
RTA Hotkey Leads No
Calling Data Provide
Our Requirements
Operationally live centres.
Must have arrangements of database.
Leads must be exclusive.
Calling Leads Center
Payment Method Wired
Qualification criteria
£1000 worth of debt 2 creditors
overdraft is not classed as a creditor
can afford £100 per month
must be looking to reduce payments and by extension,
struggling with payments
contractually obliged to pay £130 by creditors
must have 10 minutes to speak.
Customer can already be a on a DMP, but must be unhappy and be paying £150.
Other Features We will provide you a web portal. As soon as you find someone who fits the above criteria and interested in talking to a debt specialist you have to update the customer details in the web portal and transfer the call to UK agent on a hot key number provided and e-mail us the report by end of the shift.

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