Data Cleansing Service

In the era of service reform, you need a partner that can help you compete efficiently while lowering the cost of claims processing and increasing settlement productivity and customer satisfaction levels.

Data Cleansing Service

In every business data is vital for decision making, and business insights. Data in any format should be accurate, clean, integral, correct, complete and consistent for sales, marketing and customer management strategy to increase the return on investment (ROI). Poor and inaccurate data may damage the accomplishment of marketing campaign and lead to increase of internal cost.The market lacks well-organized methods of preparing data. Data cleansing outsourcing is becoming popular in present market as many companies are now outsourcing their data cleansing services to offshore companies like India to get absolutely structured and well arranged data in compatible prices.

Data Cleansing or Data scrubbing is a rigorous process to comprehend the inaccurate data from a set of single or multiple set of records or database while preparing for data entry or data processing and amend the errors to make sure that the data being used is accurate, correct, consistent and useful.

Josoft Technologies is one stop solution for all kinds of data cleansing services. Josoft Technologies offers an effectual, high-quality solution based on best practices, robust standard, automated procedures and set of rule to deal with huge volume of data efficiently for all your data cleansing services. Josoft Technologies provides multiple data cleansing services that range from Data Validation, Data Verification, Data Formatting, Data De-Duplication, Data Updation, Data auditing, Data classification, Data organization.

Features proived by Josoft Technologies

  • Deal with and clean both Consumer and Business data maintaining highest standards
  • All the data are kept with the standard industry database/mailing list file formats
  • Recognize types in email addresses and provide automated corrections
  • Multiple formats including Microsoft® Excel and Word, and Adobe®PDF are supported and converted
  • Maintaining a highly accurate and auditable database comprising business-critical information
  • Organize an expert-led training program before undertaking the assignment from client
  • Data cleansing interpretations and assumptions are drafted in individual consultations and codified in a set of processing guidelines to work accordingly as per client standards and specifications.
  • After the completion of data-cleansing job, a detailed quality check is performed by giving a thorough attention to each stage of the process with a team of experienced personnel & experienced auditor detailed.

Data Updation and Checking for inaccurate records or data, Checking for typos or spelling errors, Checking for obsolete records or data, Checking for incomplete records or data error correction, Postal Address File (PAF) validation / verification, Detecting corrupted records, Replacing inaccurate records, correcting values in a list of entities, check mailing lists, contact emails, address verification and validation of zip codes.

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