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In the era of service reform, you need a partner that can help you compete efficiently while lowering the cost of claims processing and increasing settlement productivity and customer satisfaction levels.

Order Processing Services

Order processing is an important link in any sales process and doing it right ensures that you are one step ahead of the competition in generating new business and also strengthening existing client relationships.Order processing becomes even more critical if you run your business online; customers have a lot of options to choose from and quicker responses to their orders and queries most often leads to a sale.

We understand that order processing is one of the most important aspects of business management. This process can be difficult and time consuming, and potentially handling can cause many hold-ups within the company. Transaction and order fulfillment can be a profitable experience with the right organizational methods and a team of experts who deal with your orders every step.

Josoft's Order Process Services extends to large and small businesses, and includes incoming and outgoing sales orders, tracking inventory, monitoring product sales, shipping options, and updating status in your business system.

For healthcare providers, we offer cost-effective and essential outsourcing services for medical claims related to charge entry, health claim transmission / submission, payment posting, accounts receivable follow-up and denial management, as part of our end-to-end medical billing outsourcing services.

Order Processing solutions We Offer:

  • Incoming Orders : Josoft manages all of your company's incoming orders by creating a simple, user friendly database that will help you remain efficient and draw upon any orders quickly.
  • Outgoing Orders : For all outgoing orders, Josoft's order processing services can design databases that keep track of all relevant information pertaining to your business's outgoing orders, including packing, shipment, and delivery.
  • Media Utilization : Josoft can assist your company with initializing payments and processing by utilizing different medias that prompt and track orders for improved organization.
  • Status Updates : Josoft ensures that all of your company's order statuses are correct and up to date with our order processing services. We help you and your customers stay current on the state of orders with order status management.

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