Kotak Mahindra Inbound Process

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Kotak Mahindra bank Inbound Process

Form Filling Process is one of the easiest Home Jobs one can have today. The Online Form Filling Process jobs, as the name itself indicates you've to simply fill the online forms with specific details given to you. Nowadays, Internet has become one of the vast markets for webmasters.

We at Josoft Offer a genuine form filling work/jobs where you can earn from home either part-time or full-time work. No Qualification needed, No previous experience is required, full training provided and anyone can apply. You can even work from a Cyber Cafe or your office PC, if so required.

Project Name Kotak Mahindra Bank Inbound Customer Support Services
Project Description
Process Description: -Bank Based Customer Support Service Inbound
Work Description: - Bank Customer Support Services Voice - Inbound
Industry Vertical: - Customer Support, Level 1 Support
Contract: - 3 year
Seats Required Minimum Seats Allotted 50 Seats
Payout Monthly = 25K*50 Seats*3 Shift = 37.5 Lac(INR) (taxes applicable)
Type of Project Bank Customer Support Services Voice - Inbound
Turn Arround Time Shifts: - 8 Hour / 3 Shift, 24/7.
Contract 3 Year
Certifications Required
Documents/Certifications Required:-
1. Company Profile
2. Network Diagram
3. Technology details including Dialer/ACD
4. Centers photographs (Floor, Management area, IT/HR/Training Rooms)
5. Last 2 years Balance Sheet and Profit and Loss statement
6. Memorandum and Articles of Association
7. Director's profile along with senior Management profile
8. (preferably in Telecom Vertical)
9. DOT Licenses (Domestic & International). Domestic is required.
10. STPI Registration (Optional)
Payment Frequency Billing Cycle: - Monthly
Business Procurement Fee Business Procurement Fee 10 lacks DD/Cheque / Cash at the time of signup Rs. 2 Lakh to Josoft Technologies
Signup Place Kotak Mahindra Bank Corporate Office
Challenges faced Note: - The commercial terms are non-negotiable and who Interested Please Mail the Company Profile with LOI

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