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Josoft can produce an efficient database from any original source in the most efficient manner possible, with the quickest turnaround times and the most accurate results.

Image Processing Services

All organizations must deal with forms of various types - invoices, vouchers, medical claims, insurance letters, financial and legal documents, purchase orders, tax details and many others. Form processing is a very resource-intensive task that demands businesses to change more time and efforts towards it. Therefore, outsourcing form processing services can help businesses reduce costs and increase productivity. Apart from this, our services can eliminate the hassle of sharing information within the organizational hierarchy.

Josoft offers professional forms of processing services that organize informational forms in all their configurations, whether scanned, hard copy, fax or digital. Our specialists remove relevant data and create fully formatted databases that are ready for analysis and ready for recovery at a moment's notice. We offer a variety of processing services that cover every possible form available today, including the most obscure and difficult. From the medical form to the market research form, Josoft is able to process your data properly!

Forms Processing Service follows strict procedures that will ensure clients of our operational efficiency. First, we analyze your organization's conventional method of collecting data and recommend a streamlined procedure for forms processing . Once we complete our analysis, the suggested procedure is implemented using one of two methods detailed below. Finally, we make any necessary changes to your form interface and database collection procedures. O2I also provides document processing services, application processing services and data processing services.

Our services are suitable for health care providers, banks and financial institutions, tour and travel agencies, insurance companies, government agencies, educational institutions, retailers, legal companies and other organizations.

Image Processing services that we offer include:

  • Photo Scanning and Database Entry: We are able to scan any hardcopy printed images from catalogs and edit them to be print- or digital-ready. We can also enter your images into databases for easy retrieval.
  • Scaling and Cropping: We can enlarge, scale, or crop any images so that they’re ready for print or online use, including photo restoration or masking, so that you don’t lose any important details.
  • Image Manipulation: We can merge any photos together and combine them to meet your company’s marketing needs.
  • 3D Image Processing: We are equipped with the latest technology to help your company create 360° rotating images that are ready for nearly any type of marketing use.
  • Color Adjustments: We will enhance or alter colors as needed to present you with a final image that is naturally eye-grabbing and professional.
  • Advanced Image Processing: We also provide raster image processing, video image processing, and offer a variety of digital effects, textures, edges and more to create a perfectly altered photograph.

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