Audio/Video Transcription

Josoft can produce an efficient database from any original source in the most efficient manner possible, with the quickest turnaround times and the most accurate results.

Audio/Video Transcription

Josoft Technologies offers superior quality Audio Transcription services (speech to text conversions) for businesses, universities, media houses, legal establishments and the entertainment industry. Our fast, easy and cost-effective conversion services can convert your podcasts, conferences calls, seminars, lectures, interviews, market research transcriptions, etc., into accurate and easy-to-read transcripts.

We provide audio transcription services for business organizations, educational institutions, legal establishments, and the entertainment industry.

Audio/Video Transcription

Our skilled employees can convert your interviews, lectures, seminars, conference calls, podcasts, movies (subtitles) into accurate and error-free transcripts, which are easy to read.

Our team is capable of creating your audio files, whether medical or non medical, into the highly sophisticated professional transcription which further can be used for various medical, legal, record keeping purposes thus giving you the freedom to focus on your core activity. We completely understand the importance of accurate transcriptions, and feel you need a supportive back end professional organization to manage your transcription needs.

Audio/Video Transcription steps

We have developed a unique three-step transcription process to ensure that you receive a better quality transcript.

  • Step 1 - Conversion: Our expert audio transcriptionists listen to the audio provided and prepare the initial transcripts
  • Step 2 - Proof Reading: The transcripts are proofread by certified proofreaders who listen entire audio file and correct any typos, unclear words, errors, or omissions
  • Step 3 - Final Transcript: The final transcript is again proof-read by the Quality Supervisor and is sent to you in the desired format

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