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Banks regularly conduct research and surveys. The method of their research and survey is both online as well as offline. The basic theme of a survey revolves around getting opinion of people for their upcoming projects and services. In Online form filling projects india there are certain questions that are put to the operators. The respondents have to attempt the form by reading the questions thoroughly.

Project Name USA Tax Number Form Filling
Project Description Filling the confidential details of peoples in the form and sending it for verifications. Centres gets there login id's from client and there agreement paper, offer letter ,there site id and live data's to work from that very day or from the next day center starts the work and gets QC every day after 1 week of submission of there work like suppose u started the work on Friday then u will get the QC of that work on next Friday and payment will come for that work on next coming Friday and it goes visa verse well as far as BG is concerned let me tell you something abut it as well now the draft copy of the BG will be issued to you on the 5th day of the live work and hard copy I will take 20-25 days it will come from wells Fargo bank and here in India it will be verified by HSBC bank but if u take more than 1 slot then only u will get the BG but if u take 1 slot then u have to take care off the BG charges that is around 400-500$.
Input Data snap shot of the page jpeg format
Output Data Mdb files
Seats Required Minimum seating capacity should be 20 to 50 seats
Payout Centre gets 0.50 $ per signed and fully verified copy and o.25$ per rework signed copy. After submission of the detail centres gets the signed copy from customers within 1 week of international working day.
Turn Around Time After getting the data centre has to submit the work at the 10th day of international working day through mail
Workload Centre gets the confidential details of 20k peoples per slot at alternate 10 days.
Management profile & LOI
Must Pvt. Ltd
Business name
Business address
Email address
Registered office domicile
Business Registration number
Country / state of incorporation
Business telephone number
Tools Used Software tool provide by company & internet
Contract Period One year
Challenges faced Centres if doesn’t achieve 50% of billing minimum for 3 consecutive time then they will be Terminated after getting notice from the client side due to poor performance. Centres can’t claim on termination if they fail the above condition. Centres will not be allowed to use the data’s or to share the data’s given by the client for any other work if they are found of doing so they will be terminated from the work then and there without giving any prior notice
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