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A Lead Generation Project provides immense potential of income for the passionate entrepreneurs. However, success in lead generation project requires consistent efforts to be put in with proper strategy and action plan.

Project Name US Mortgage Lead Generation
Project Description
We are actively looking for Call Centers for US Mortgage Lead Generation process (Refinance and Purchase Both) The call centers must be experienced with the team ready for the operations.
We are looking for centers which can provide us 10-15 leads per day and expanding operations to 25+ leads a day.
Seats Required Minimum seats required is 10 to start
Payout 15.00 us$ per accepted lead
CRM Portal Provided
RTA Hotkey Leads No
Calling Data Provide
Our Requirements
Operationally Live Centers. Must have arrangements of database.
Minimum Seats required is 10 to start with.
Leads must be Exclusive.
Calling Leads Center should have their own leads If not we can help them on calling data
Consultation Fees INR 1 Lac (Rs. 1,00,000) at the time of Signup
Payment Method Weekly
Qualification criteria
70/30 Refi vs. Purchase
Good and Excellent credit: 630 plus
85% LTV on refi
96.5% LTV on purchase
Loan Amount: 100k
Property value should be checked through Zillion.
Challenges faced States to EXCLUDE: Arizona, Delaware, Florida, Hawaii, Massac
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