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Banks regularly conduct research and surveys. The method of their research and survey is both online as well as offline. The basic theme of a survey revolves around getting opinion of people for their upcoming projects and services. In Online form filling projects india there are certain questions that are put to the operators. The respondents have to attempt the form by reading the questions thoroughly.

Project Description We have good and simple BT process, in this the center will get good payouts and also signup with direct client Advance from second month
Input Data Audio file
Output Data loaded into the server
Seats Required Minimum seating capacity should be 50 to 100 seats
Payout Per audio file: 60$ (simple) Monthly payment
Turn Around Time 24 working days
Workload 100 audio file per system
Management profile & LOI
Must Pvt. Ltd
Business name
Business address
Email address
Registered office domicile
Registration number
Country / state of incorporation
Business telephone number
Tools Used Software tool provide by company & internet
Contract Period 2 years initial there after you can renew
Challenges faced
Company should be any where in India Samples can be provided instantly:
based on request
BT with 1 yr Exp will be short listed
Signup Directly In Mumbai Head Office
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